After having a baby, it is difficult for the new mom to go back to work, and unfortunately, maternity in the USA is not generous. Therefore, the new moms are stuck with having to go to work just a few months after the baby is born. This cuts the mom and baby’s time together significantly which they need to have with one another for bonding. However, because of the fact that the cost of living is so high, especially with a new baby in the picture, the new mom does not have a choice other than to go back to work. Alternately, the new mom can be a stay at home mom which is referred to as a SAHM. However, whenever any mom makes that choice unless her partner is making a lot of money, funds become tight and the parents of the new baby have to worry about finances on top of dealing with the responsibilities of caring for a new baby. However, the good news is, moms can make an income at home without having to go back to work. She can work at home and be with her baby. Sometimes the best opportunity for the mom to work at home is while the infant is napping which means it would be sporadic. However, it can be done. And, no, no one is talking about getting involved with multi-level-marketing companies which are referred to as MLM. There is legitimate work at home opportunities for SAHMs, and they are then referred to as work at home moms or WAHMs. Let’s look at the top 6 work at home jobs that moms can make money from:


Freelance Writer – This industry is not as competitive as one would think even though there are many freelance writers around. That is because so many companies are looking for remote writers, and it does not take long to establish the skill. There are many freelance sites that new moms can join such as Upwork or Fiverr to get started, and they can look for freelance writing opportunities as well on sites like Indeed. Taking a writing course is a good idea as well.


Graphic Design – This is another great work at home job that moms can do while they are at home with the baby. It is a good idea to take graphic design courses and with the advanced apps around, the learning curve will be easier. There is a lot of competition but focusing on one any niche could help the graphic designing mom stand out from the crowd such as designing graphics in the food industry or travel industry. They could offer their services as well on freelancing sites.


Social Media Specialist – Since moms are already posting pics of their babies on their social media sites, they are already learning how to become social media savvy. They can take social media courses and provide social media creation or management services on freelancing sites, or apply to remote jobs that they could find on Indeed.


Recruiter – This job is a little more of a challenge than the others listed because the recruiter would have to work on finding the best fits for companies. However, if the mom wants to become a recruiter, then a course has to be taken and the recruiter will have to get herself out there as far as connecting job seekers to companies that are the best fit. Most of the time the recruiter is paid when the company hires a job seeker that had gone to the recruiter for help.


Online Tutor – There is one catch with this job and that is that in most cases a teaching background is required to get a job as an online tutor or teacher. But if that is the case, there are plenty of companies that are looking for online tutors and teachers.


Chat Agent – This work at home job is a little more of a challenge because it requires shift work. That means if the baby is in need of feeding or a diaper change, this will take up the time that is meant to be spent working. The only advantage of this type of job is that the worker is on salary instead of having to get themselves out there like a freelancer or recruiter would have to hope to be hired for their services. Many companies are looking for remote phone or online chat agents such as Amazon and American Express. You will want to look into work at home mom blogs such as this Twins Mommy work at home blog resource to subscribe to newsletters to find out what companies are hiring! Either way, it is possible to work at home while caring for the new baby which is the best of both worlds!

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